14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

it’s not just about the food – these extraordinary themed restaurants will bring you to another world altogether.

Now what are you waiting for? Check out these unique dining places!

  1. Slippery Stone Bali

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

End up in Greece when you visit Slippery Stone, a “Greek desert spring” where benefactors are invited to kick back and relax in rich Grecian solace.

Its ethereal settings consolidate etched columns reminiscent of old Greece, with a dash of greenery and cutting edge solaces.

There’s even a garden roof that gives the ideal blend of ‘cookout under the setting sun’ – each alcove and crevice of the eatery shouts picture idealize!

Proceeding onward to the nourishment, when in Greece, you can obviously expect Greek cooking! “Assorted and sound”, appreciate a true taste of Greece as everything is custom made the customary Greek way.

In the event that there’s one thing we adore about Greek nourishment, it’s the manner by which the most straightforward of fixings can meet up to make out of the blue astonishing flavors that detonate on your tastebuds. From olive oil and olives, to sheep, meat and cheddar, and homegrown greens, just quality fixings are utilized!

All you have to know is that at Slippery Stone, one can expect a healthy and delectable supper encompassed by the magnificence of Greece.

PS: Every Sunday, be entertained as you dine with belly dancers, fire dancers and drag queens performing live!

  1. La Mexicana

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

The sizeable desert plant serves as the ideal background for your intriguing Mexican feast, and you’ll overlook you’re in Bali in a moment. Commended as the one of the best Mexican eateries in Bali, La Mexicana brags of bona fide Mexican cooking. Make certain to experiment with their quesadillas and chimichanga (a pan fried burrito) and in addition their margaritas!Their segments are known to be very liberal, so you might need to consider sharing. Not just does La Mexicana attempt to remain valid in the essence of its nourishment, however the inside plan is likewise profoundly established in Mexican culture.

Aside from the desert plant cultivate, the dividers of the eatery are painted with calacas – a skeletal figure wearing happy dress and marigold foliage – most normally connected with the Mexican Holiday, The Day of the Dead.Self-pictures of Frida Kahlo, a renowned Mexican painter, are additionally used to beautify the eatery all through. Sounds like a superb arrangement? You’ll be happy to realize that the eatery is strategically placed close Tanah Lot and Echo Beach – it’s the ideal stop in the event that you have a craving for having an essence of Mexican after some touring or surfing! Hurrah

  1. La Laguna

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

La Laguna is essentially electric in its boheme stylistic layout and all around staggering scenery. (Wanderer processions, anyone?)Set directly before the shoreline with its sapphire waters and white sands, this bistro has a cool blend of idiosyncratic and natural – with splendid pops of shaded rich texture blended with finished wood furniture.

It’s most likely going to be the new set up to inspire shots to meet your Instagram share with delightfully curious tramp processions accessible for you to investigate and take photographs with.Apart from the look and feel of this astounding new bistro, the nourishment here will fulfill the foodie in you as well. Treat yourselves to a yummy La Laguna Breeze Cocktail, and fulfill your yearning with tapas from the tapas menu!

Finally, there are peacocks wandering the zone, so do be mindful so as to remain safe around these lovely wild winged animals.


  1. Frankenstein’s Laboratory

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

The ghoulish foundation welcomes you to enter the prison research facility with green sparkling spheres and metal steampunk installations.Even the team is decked out in full ensemble and make-up, constantly prepared to unnerve the odd guest or posture for a photo or two.And… what did you simply arrange? Beverages are served in their own research center dish sets, for example, measuring utencils, test tubes, syringes, funnel shaped jars and IV Bags brimming with dreadful inventions, confounding enjoyments and unnerving tinctures.

On the menu, there’s a broad assortment of mixed drinks with spine-shivering names and the standard must-have spirits. Ensure you attempt one of their arak (local Indonesian soul) mixed drinks!

Furthermore, bear in mind to get the Dancing Dead Zombie Cabaret.

  1. Tsavo Lion Restaurant

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

In the event that you favor fine eating in the organization of the King of creatures, then you should not miss the Tsavo Lion Restaurant at the Mara River Safari Lodge, which is home to numerous other safari creatures, for example, the rhino and zebra.

There’s lone a full glass board isolating you and the great predators while you tuck into a worldwide determination of cooking – from African to Asian to South American.

While lunch is more easygoing, supper is a more sentimental undertaking with candles at each table that reflect off the bended windows.Food for believed: Are you viewing the lions or would they say they are really looking over you in your glass confine?

  1. Return to the 60’s at Cosmic Diner

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

Step back in time the moment you enter.

At Cosmic Diner, you are greeted with the checkered floor, neon jukebox, red-cushioned steely bar stools and retro-décor that keeps your eyes busy.

You get the classic American menu of burgers, shakes, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, fries and coffee. Do try their Chocolate Trifecta Shake served in a unique boot-shaped glass!

  1. Join Captain Jack Sparrow’s crew at The Pirates Bay

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

Who says that you can find pirates only in the Caribbean?

Appropriate here in Nusa Dua, you can envision yourself treasure-chasing while you feast at The Pirates Bay.

The outside setting is flawless to get the ocean breeze while hanging out at your picked spot – a copy privateer send on the sand, a tree house, a sound post tower, or even a privateers’ kitchen!

Scattered around the grounds are various castaway-enlivened setups, for example, cover roofed shoreline cabins, blazes, tents, and picket fences that are gestures to Robinson Crusoe, Jack Sparrow and everything ‘piratesque’.

In the event that you are truly into the privateer rage, you can really agree to one of their bundle understanding, where you can wear privateer outfits accessible for lease, to get into the state of mind and scan for plunder. What’s more, you get to truly camp, make and fly kites, cook and the sky is the limit from there.

Obviously, nothing beats the youth excite of sprucing up with an eye fix and headscarf, then finding a wooden ‘fortune mid-section’ loaded with brilliant coins!

Concerning the genuine nourishment at the eatery, the menu highlights the typical blend of European, Indonesian and fish dishes, with child measured renditions of privateer fish sticks and french fries, pieces and satay for the little ones.

  1. Gardin Bistro

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

Envision feasting in a gothic glasshouse encompassed by lavish greenery, where everything turns mystical in the nighttimes when the beautiful lights are on, and you can even stargaze straightforwardly from the unreasonable impediment. How debauched!

At your feet, the solid floors compare with old world recolored glass themes, while exquisite botanical bistro tables and couches entice you for a since a long time ago, casual dinner. Isn’t this new expansion to Seminyak sustenance road such a hip and comfortable establishment? Apart from cakes, Bistro passage likewise graces the menu – think sandwiches, servings of mixed greens, and exemplary mains, with an Asian contort to your European top choices.

Its phenomenal choice of mixed drinks likewise makes for an immaculate late-night get up to speed session with your old pals Or you can likewise proceed with your night at the Mirror – one of the novel bars in Bali which is situated behind the Gardin Bistro.

  1. Warung d’Sawah

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

Subtly tucked in succession of stone cutting shops, with just a little sign to report its nearness, it is not entirely obvious this place. In any case, what you’d never expect is this – Warung d’Sawah is certainly definitely justified even despite a visit.

Situated toward the end of a long garden way, the eatery is housed in a perfect conventional Balinese bamboo joglo, disregarding sweeping green fields.

With regards to the topic, on ends of the week and uncommon nights, young ladies in stately ensembles perform established Balinese moves. Also, concerning the sustenance, it is summarily fabulous.

While both Balinese and Western cooking are accessible, the previous is exceedingly prescribed

  1. La Favela

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

Interesting thing about La Favela is What seems to be a typical restaurant in the day, will transform into a happening bar at night.

Visiting the website itself, will already give you a taste of their eclectic space. Speaking of which, the menu of food, drinks and desserts will not leave you wanting.

La Favela is truly an interesting place to be when it comes down to grooving with people of similar styles, and tastes to fuel your partying spirit.

  1. Relieve your biker fantasy at Deus ex Machina

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

The Deus ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm – affectionately named Deus Canggu by everybody, is more than only an eatery, however a bistro, a bike shop, a surf shop, and a craftsmanship/photograph exhibition all moved into one. Glossy cruisers and surf sheets fill the breezy indoor retail space, alongside related adornments and clothes.

What’s more, it’s not just about the bikes.Don’t neglect to attempt the espresso, which is hailed as one of the best in Bali, and the mark drink – the Dirty (Bintang lager over ice with a dash of sambal and squirt of crisp lime in a salt-rimmed glass).

You can appreciate a languid evening in the cool outside, with a broad perspective of the paddyfields ahead.If you are a noteworthy bicycle devotee, simply ahead and look at the workshops at the back.

  1. Waka Floating Restaurant

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

Envision you’re eating on something unfathomably fragile and fine, tasting on cognac, respecting the ocean see, saying something witty to your accomplice, yet the tablecloth is surging only a little and you appear to be further from the harbor than you were only 15 minutes ago.Well, you’re presumably on a pontoon, an extravagance sailboat to be exact.

The Waka Dinner Cruise does precisely this: You’re taken for a three-hour-long journey around Benoa harbor as the sun sets, and you can unwind with pre-supper drinks as the sailboat takes off to its port.

You’ll have the capacity to appreciate neighborhood fish, meats and plates of mixed greens under an unmistakable sky as your vessel sways delicately in the waves.

  1. Queens Tandoor

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

Queens Tandoor may very well be the absolute best Indian nourishment in Bali. Queens’ gourmet experts are foreign made straight from India with adoration. Not just have they aced the works of art (spread chicken, paneer korma, prawn masala, rogan josh, lamb vindaloo and biryani), yet they can likewise invoke exceptionally inventive combination dishes.

Envision achar paneer tikka, curds marinated in pickles and broiled in an oven stove and the fish curry with vodka flambé. On the off chance that you can’t envision it, it’s a reasonable sign you have to motivate yourself to Queens immediately!

What’s more, in the event that you are worried about the hotness of the nourishment, never fear—the staff is constantly ready to tailor the curry to your taste.In request to appreciate epic move exhibitions joined by customary Indian music, basically drop by on Thursdays!

  1. Stadium Sports Bar

14 Unique Themed Restaurant in Bali Which You Won`t Believe it Exists

It will available in two areas (Kuta and Sanur), the Stadium Cafe and Sports Bar takes into account sports fans around the island with live wearing occasions dependably on enormous screens and LCD TVs. Cosmopolitan Bali is never more clear on its donning TV programs, with NBA, cricket, soccer, rugby and Aussie Rules all competing for position.

You can discover different games memorabilia in this present day and brilliant American style sports bar. On the off chance that you are at last requesting the menu, the eatery serves up the standard fries, burgers and pork ribs, yet an absolute necessity attempt is the Choco-magma dessert that takes focus court!

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