4 Must Have Activities for Your Travel Bucket List

4 Must Have Activities for Your Travel Bucket List

There’s a huge world out there, and all sorts of potential wonders to see and experience. If you don’t pause to get your head straight and think about what you most want to see, you could easily fall into the trap of chronically procrastinating, and never getting out of your house at all.

In recent years, “bucket lists” have become increasingly popular, as a “to do” list of sorts, featuring assorted experiences that we want to have some time over the course of our lives.

If you haven’t created a “travel bucket list” yet, you should really consider doing it. It’s a fun exercise, and it can work wonders for focusing your travel ambitions and informing your next holiday.

Here are a few activities for your travel bucket list, to get you started.

Sandboarding in Australia

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is a place rich in history and surrounded by beautiful landscapes and natural wonders of all sorts.

If you want a real, authentic Australian experience, though, one of the key things you should do on a trip to Perth is to contact Bayswater Car Rentals and venture out to the surrounding regions where hordes of people attack the local sand dunes with zeal and practice their sandboarding skills.

Sandboarding is a particular kind of sport, not practiced in very many northerly locations. It’s essentially the “hot climate” equivalent of snowboarding, and requires you to maintain your balance as best you can. You’ll get sweaty, you’ll have a great time, your heart will pound hard, and you’ll likely never forget the experience.


Bioluminescence on the beach

Bioluminescence is the name given to small organisms that emit a “glow” for one reason or another. The sea is full of bioluminescent creatures, even though we seldom are aware of it.

You can see bioluminescence in many parts of the world – in the waters of various Pacific islands, at the right times, and in the form of small glowing worms in the sands of the beaches of the Channel Island of Jersey, for example.

Bioluminescent creatures are often overlooked, due to an abundance of light pollution, and the simple fact that we are all too distracted by our modern technologies to pay attention. Experience bioluminescence first hand, and you’ll be much more inclined to pay attention in the future.


Wine tasting in Porto

The city of Porto, in Portugal, is famous for its fortified “Port” wine, which is exported around the world from its small country of origin.

The Port business is taken very seriously in Portugal, and the Douro valley in the north of the country is historically the region where the wine is produced.

Still, today, you can go on exclusive tours of the vineyards of the region and can experience wine tasting on the bank of the winding river, with the Mediterranean sun beating down on you, and soaring hills all around.


Seeing the northern lights

The Northern lights are world-famous, and rightly so. From the ancient Vikings of the Norwegian Arctic to the Inuit of Greenland and North America, this extraordinary natural phenomenon has been attributed to supernatural significance and power.

People from all over the world routinely make the pilgrimage to the far north parts of the northern hemisphere, in order to try and witness this phenomenon first hand. Sometimes they are lucky, sometimes not.

In any event, a glimpse of the northern lights is definitely something to put on your bucket list.

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