48 Amazing Things To Do in Bali That Proves Bali is the Craziest

48 Amazing Things To Do in Bali That Proves Bali is the Craziest

48 Amazing Things To Do in Bali That Proves Bali is  the Craziest

Do you have a bucket list?

Watch the sunset on the Eiffel Tower – checked. Seakart in Mauritius – checked. What else do you want to fulfill? Though every country has its own specialties you must definitely try before you hit the bucket, did you know that you can actually find dozens of unique attractions just in Bali alone? it’s time to get all geared up and explore our 48 exciting suggestions!

  1. Enjoy a day at a luxurious and affordable spa complete with grand views

Looking for a genuine spa by the sea experience? La Joya is one of the most amazingly located day spas in Jimbaran.

Otherwise, head to the mystical riverside Tjampuhan Spa and experience the healing properties of water – through an extraordinary hot/cold spring water jacuzzi created within an elaborately carved mythical stone cavern.

  1. Out of this world: Stay at a unique hotel

From snazzy budget hotels, majestic villas, to the weirdest themes you can think of, one thing’s for sure – a stay in Bali isn’t going to be boring, at least not if you pick the right places.

Animal lovers will fall in love with Mara Safari Lodge, where they can live amongst the animals.

  1. Have a unique party for the boys at a ‘barbershop’ – The BARber by The Sintesa Jimbaran Hotel

While barbers once solely existed to make your hair look good, The Sintesa Jimbaran Hotel’s BARber puts the “bar” in the “ber” – literally.

Modelled after a 20s-style hidden barber shop (back in the days when the alcohol prohibition forced people to party secretly) – The BARber comes to life with a a classy modern bar with retro tones (where you really can cut your hair) – fitted with everything from a billiard and cigar area to live music.

  1. Dine with Frankenstein at Frankenstein`s Laboratory

Just like its hotels and villas, Bali also has many interestingly themed restaurants – you name it, you get it.

If you have a strong stomach and a lot of guts, Frankenstein’s Laboratory allows you to dine with various monstrous creatures, and even Frankenstein himself.

  1. Dine with lion :

you can dine with the king of the jungle at the Bali Safari and Marine Park’s Tsavo Lion Restaurant. (Only available for dinner if you are not visiting the safari park. Reservation is necessary!)

  1. Dine with Pirates

Captain Jack Sparrow wannabes will enjoy the life of a pirate at The Pirate Bay

  1. Dine at a live volcano: Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant

What can be more heart-stopping than dining atop a live volcano?

The Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant is located on the edge of a crater on Mount Batur, an active volcano – yes, we’re not kidding!

You might be questioning why anyone in their right mind would be in the mood to eat while perched on a volcano, but here’s the catch – you get gorgeous scenery of the beautiful crater-lake Lake Batur (though splattered with residue lava from previous eruptions), and the surroundings are actually romantic enough for a date or two.

Food – both local and European – is served as a buffet, with yummy options such as beef stroganoff, fried chicken, and pancakes.

It might sound little scary, but it’s completely worth it.

  1. Dine in the middle of paddy fields

All of us have days when we just want to escape from civilisation and enjoy some me-time somewhere.

Pomegranate is situated in the middle of stretches of rice paddy fields, while Sardine sits amongst man-made paddy fields that were specially constructed in Petitenget for the ultimate au-naturale experience.


  1. Watch a theatrical tribute to Indonesia – Devdan Show

It can be hard to find suitable activities to do when you have a family in tow, but that’s just why we love Bali – for its quirky activities that will keep even the naughtiest kid entertained.

Enjoy dance with a twist at the Devdan Show, a one-of-a-kind performance that was partly designed by stage and artistic directors of Cirque du Soleil. Here, modern and traditional elements come together to form a unique 90-minute theatrical and dance tribute to Indonesia – and you don’t even have to leave Bali to experience all of it!

Everything from fire to colourful kites appear on the stage, and you won’t have to worry about not understanding what’s going on – as performers communicate the stories via physical signs.

  1. Time for some theme park fun!

 Visit one of Asia’s best waterpark: Waterbom

Waterbom is a must-go for any Bali traveller who’s also a theme park fan. From extreme water slides like the snake-themed Constrictor to gentle lazy rivers, both the young and old can spend a fun day at this water park.

So what if theme park ride aren’t really your thing?

You can always sneak off for the park’s reflexology session, fish spa therapy, or go for a mani-pedi session.

  1. Safari with a difference – Bali Marine and Safari Park

This adventure will guarantee that you are the coolest parents around. With over 60 species of wild animals, exciting animal and cultural shows, and getting to stay up way past their bedtime – it’s every kids’ dream and you won’t be bored either.

If animal shows bore you, how about a night safari?

Once darkness descends, go on a guided walk around the park when most of the animals really come to life.

Watch the komodo dragons roam below you, visit the bat cave, and meet the owls and lemur in the Bali theatre. But the highlight of the night is the safari! You will be perfectly safe in a cage as you spend 20 minutes journeying through the African Savannah.

Top off the evening with a traditional Balinese fire-dancing show, and a delicious BBQ in the N’kuchiro Bar & Grill.

With this much excitement after bedtime, you are going to have some grumpy overtired little monkeys of your own the next day! 

  1. Experience the best infinity pools in the world: Munduk Moding Plantation, Alila Ubud + Uluwatu, Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali

Did you know that Bali has some infinity pools that are lauded as one of the best in the world?

If you’re a dreamer, you will fall in love with Munduk Moding Plantation’s “pool among the clouds”. The pool is situated so well that when you lie on its edge, it almost feels as if you are lying amongst the clouds!

Imagine a day set aside just for lounging in or beside the pool – how can you miss that?

  1. Party like never before: Get your alcohol fix at these unique bars

Imagine sipping a cocktail on a floating platform in water, or get yourself more tipsy on a bamboo swing in a bar with a beer in hand.

Puri Santrian BarThe Bamboo bar

Bali has its very own eccentric collection of bars where you can hang out, go crazy and dance the night away.

There is even a pub with a gigantic crocodile at the entrance!

The Bush Telegraph pub

You can even party in a futuristic yet Gothic-cathedral-styled bar, with trapeze artistes who swing over you while you go high.

  1. Hug a honey bear: Pod Chocolate Factory and Cafe

Yes, honey bears are predators and it sounds crazy to want to hug them, but this impossible feat is actually possible at the Pod Chocolate Factory and Cafe.

The factory was set up by Australian Toby Garritt, in pursuit of the way to create the best chocolate in the world. He’s slowly but surely approaching his goal, considering the raving reviews that his chocolates have received.

If you visit the factory, located within an elephant camp, you’ll be brought on a tour detailing how cocoa beans are harvested, and later made into chocolate. If you want to, you can even try making your own chocolate!

And yes, you get to hug one of the three honey bears that live on the premises after being rescued from hunters. No, you won’t lose your head, and it only costs US$10.

  1. Find hidden beauty: Chill out at unknown beaches

As an island, Bali is naturally known for its beach life and activities.

But with the influx of tourists, mainstream beaches such as the Kuta beach are already overflowing with people.

So if you’re after a bit of peace and quiet, it’s time to head on to Bali’s various hidden beaches that, thankfully, have yet to gain the notice of many.

Nyang Nyang beach

One of our favourite beaches? Nyang Nyang Beach and its white pristine sands that are lined by a towering green cliff, which keeps it away from prying eyes.

If you are quite the explorer and looking for some solitude, this secluded beach in Southern Bali is perfect for a little adventure – and some truly beautiful Instagram shots too!

  1. I spy: Find the half-submerged house in the middle of a lake

If you’re planning to go to Bali for your honeymoon, or simply want to have a romantic trip with your significant other, why not bring him/her to Lake Batur?

The crater lake, situated on the active volcano Mount Batur, not only has clear, reflective waters that you can gaze at for ages, but it’s also home to one of the best views in Bali.

  1. Visit unbelievable natural attractions: From hidden waterfalls to secret canyons

There are so many incredible hidden natural attractions in Bali, we don’t know just where to start.

From the many hidden waterfalls like Sekumpul Waterfall, to the truly incredible sacred and secret canyon of Sukawati… Any artist, photographer, creative, or simply anyone who wants to be wowed by a real life view of nature’s masterpiece – these are places you have to visit.

And for those looking for a little romance, try a picnic at the picturesque Bukit Asah Bugbug! It is the perfect setting for a picnic perfect for catching the sunrise – and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, its coral reefs and small islands.

If you’re looking for something that’s even more spectacular, head to Pinggan Village for the most heartstopping view of Mount Batur’s volcanic landscape.

Pro tip: Batur is at its most photogenic at sunrise and sunset, and even makes for impressive night photography – with the lights of Pinggan village spread out at the foot of the mountain, and a sky full of stars twinkling above the peak.

  1. Watch the sunset at Uluwatu sea temple

Perched high atop a 70-metre cliff, with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, the Uluwatu Temple is one of Bali’s best sea temples you can’t miss during your trip.

It’s one of the six key Balinese temples that help to ward off evil, but that’s not its winning point as a prime tourist destination.

Every day during sunset, crowds gather at the temple for a breathtaking view of the orange ocean reflecting the setting sun. And at that time, don’t forget to catch the Kecak dance performance at the temple.

One of Bali’s most popular traditional dances, the spectacular Kecak dance makes use of fire and dance to present riveting stories to the audience. Sometimes, the performer is in so deep a trance that he can even kick hot charcoal without scalding his feet!

19  Enjoy the world’s biggest percussion orchestras: Balinese Gamelan

Touted as the world’s biggest percussion orchestras, the Balinese Gamelan plays a huge part in the music and dance-centric Balinese culture.

A typical gamelan performance consists of bronze percussion instruments such as gongs and cymbals, and some varieties also include string instruments.

Gamelan orchestras are actually extremely common in Bali, and can be found in any village who can afford it – so you can watch it anywhere!

Performances are also held during traditional ceremonies, festivals, and at most hotels in order to cater to tourists.

So next time you’re driving through a Balinese village, be sure to drop by one of these music clubs’ rehearsals!

  1. Experience one day as a Balinese Rice Farmer in Tabanan

Our mothers have always told us to cherish the rice in our bowls, because of the immense effort it takes to plant and harvest them.

But have you ever truly understood what goes behind each miniscule grain of rice?

Now, you can – by being a rice farmer for a day! You can sign up for the complete rice farmer experience, from a scenic meal amongst rice paddies, planting seeds to transplanting little shoots.

After your hard work, you’ll even get to try out the traditional Balinese bathing ritual and lay back for a soothing massage.

If you’ve got a rice-hating child, now’s the time to drum the love of grains into their minds!

  1. Take a walk in the sea: Bali Seawalker

Scared your oxygen tank will give out on you if you go diving?

With the Seawalker helmet, you can now walk on the seabed and observe ocean life like an underwater resident without having to carry all those heavy equipment.

It’s so easy that even non-swimmers can do it.

And even better yet, the helmet ensures that no water will touch your hair, so let those worries about helmet-head and flattened hair fly out the window and enjoy your little walk in the sea!

  1. Drive (or no) through a hole in a tree: Bunut Bolong Tree

In the Manggissari village, located in the western part of Bali, stands yet another majestic tree that’s renowned for its supernatural powers.

But unlike the giant banyan tree that supposedly grants wishes, the Bunut Bolong Tree (meaning “tree with a hole in it”) has a far more ominous history.

The tree has roots on either side of a stretch of road, forming an archway that visitors can drive through. Brides and grooms are advised to refrain from passing through this way, though – legend has it that those who do will end up separated.

To protect people from the power of the tree, another road has been constructed next to it for believers to pass through.

But regardless of your belief in the legend, there’s nothing like a bit of risk to pique the adventurer’s interest, isn’t it?

  1. Visit a Pearl Farm: Atlas Pearl Farm

Have you ever marvelled at the smooth beauty of pearls and wondered how your grandma’s favourite pearl necklace was made?

Now’s your chance to find out.

At the Atlas Pearl Farm in Pemuteran, you can watch the whole pearl farming process, from the seeding of a pearl to achieve a certain shape and harvesting, to the evaluation and pricing of each pearl.

After this trip, no one’s going to be able to hoodwink you with manmade pearls ever again.

  1. Go ghost-hunting in Bali’s abandoned places

When the Balinese culture is so chock-full of its own phantoms and spooks, how can you possibly curb the desire to explore its secrets?

If you’re a budding paranormal investigator or an amateur ghost buster, a trip to Bali’s various abandoned places should surely not be missed.

Check out this abandoned plane wedged in between houses in the small town of Kuta.

Or these infamous spooky areas such as the defunct amusement park Taman Festival, which was closed down for inconclusive reasons.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for at these places, fear not, for Bali has its own supply of spooky attractions.

Drop by the uncompleted hotel, Taman Rekreasi Bedugul, or explore a desolate temple in the Karangasem regency.

Taman Festival, Taman Rekreasi Bedugul, Karangasem temple

Who knows, you might stumble across a new place with an untold story during your journey.

  1. Experience life underground: Gala-Gala underground house

You’ve seen the intricately carved temples, beautifully constructed villas, and all the architectural wonders that Bali has to offer, but you haven’t seen the most amazing one amongst them yet.

Located in Nusa Lembongan is a unique underground house hand-dug by a 70-year-old local man, Made Byasa, with nothing but a crowbar.

It took him a hefty 15 years to complete the structure, which is just like a fully functioning house above ground – it has bedrooms, a kitchen, and even a sitting area!

Are you itching to build your own Gala-Gala house now?

  1. Watch your own jewellery being made: John Hardy Workshop and Showroom

Have you always wanted to watch your own jewellery being crafted in front of your very eyes?

You can do so at the John Hardy workshop, where local artisans conceive and create the pieces of traditional luxury jewelry for you.

Take the opportunity to explore the organic farm and visit Kapal Bambu – a majestic bamboo structure in the middle of race paddy fields – where you’ll be able to see and purchase from beautiful displays of handcrafted jewelry.

You’re even welcome to join the John Hardy team for a delicious, traditional Balinese lunch served under the shade of a Banyan tree and prepared by their five-star chef.

  1. Go for a Balinese cooking class

Not all Balinese food may fit your tastebud, but it’s doubtless that this tiny island houses some of the greatest food out there, and its tropical dishes are increasingly popular.

And since you’re visiting, why not add some of these exotic dishes to your cooking repertoire?

You can sign up for cooking classes with Bumbu Bali, an award-winning Balinese restaurant and cooking school. Classes are helmed by Heinz von Holzen, a famed chef and cookbook author.

You’ll be introduced to the exotic history behind traditional Balinese dishes, shop for ingredients yourself, and even get to make popular dishes such as fried rice, grilled chicken and lamb stew.

By the time the lesson is over, you’ll be able to return to your home country with your Balinese Master Chef certificate.

  1. Come face-to-face with the dead: Trunyan island

Not easily spooked by ghost stories? Try testing the true extent of your courage at Bali’s very own island of the dead: Trunyan Island.

The people there don’t bury and cremate their dead, so if you’re brave enough to make a trip there, you’ll find skeletons from ages long past, staring straight at you with their eyeball-less eye sockets.

Interestingly, you won’t smell the stench of rotting bodies on this island, as the perfumed scent from a huge Taru Menyan tree masks it perfectly.

Do you have it in you to visit the land of the dead?

  1. Try the latest extreme sport – Flyboarding at Nusa Dua

Now’s the chance to show your kid that you really are Superman. The newest watersport out there, flyboarding, has made flying a reality for man – by wearing boots connected to a board, which is then connected to a water hose, you can be propelled to as high as 15 metres!

  1. Be a mahout for a Day for Yoga or visit Bali Zoo

Yoga is the best thing you can do in Bali, Yoga Retreat Bali read everything about when and where to go

Have you ever looked at an elephant and imagined yourself with one of those gentle giants as your friend and pet?

At the Bali Zoo, you can actually come close to fulfilling your fantasy – make some precious memories with an elephant friend of your own!

The zoo’s Mahout (person who cares for an elephant) for a Day programme offers visitors the chance to learn how to command, care and play with their resident elephants.

Other than a whole day’s time to feed, bathe and go for swims with your giant friend, you’ll also get to interact with other zoo animals such as the lions, crocodiles and pythons.

So if you’re out to make everlasting memories, this is the place to do it – an elephant never forgets.

  1. Test your courage: Trek for wild snakes in the dark

A Bali trip can’t be complete without going on a trek to discover the secrets that lie within the island’s natural environment.

But have you ever tried to trek in the dark?

If you’re game for shedding your fear of the dark and the creatures that live in it, sign up for a night tour with Bali Reptile Rescue, a volunteer group that specialises in the removal and rescue of reptiles.

The tour, which starts early evening and ends at 1am, includes an introduction to all the reptiles that have been rescued, and a trek that leads you into many unknown night creatures reside.

Who knows what you’ll find in the dark?

  1. Make your own perfume: L’atelier Parfums et Creations

Did you know that high-end brands such as Yves Saint Laurent use Indonesian essences in their perfumes?

Yes, those are what makes you smell like a flower all day long.

We’ve all had trouble finding the perfect scent for ourselves – some are too flowery, buttery, others are simply a turn-off – but you will never have to worry about that again, for you can create your own scent right here in Bali!

L’atelier Parfums et Creations offer 90-minute and 3-hour long workshops that will teach you how to create your own unique scent, and you’ll get to bring back a diploma and 30ml bottle of your very own perfume.

You might still not be Victoria or David Beckham, but we reckon having your own perfume will make you feel one step closer to becoming a star.

  1. Be a saviour: Adopt a turtle family

Fancy being a Dad or Mom to a baby turtle?

Head down to the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre in Pulau Serangan, where it’s possible for you to “adopt” a baby turtle before setting it free back into the sea.

Not only is it a pretty romantic thing to do with your partner, it also helps to save the lives of the baby turtles, who may become territorial as they grow up and end up attacking each other.

This initiative aims to combat plummeting turtle numbers, and is now an extremely popular activity amongst tourists.

Turtle adoption is also available at the Gili Meno Turtle Sanctuary, on the neighbouring island of Gili Meno, so if your first turtle-freeing experience was memorable for you, why not do it again?

  1. Underwater prayer: Pay a visit to Pemuteran hidden underwater temple

Bali may be famous for its numerous cultural sites, but have you ever been to an underwater temple?

This temple in Pemuteran lies hidden under the sweeping waves of the sea.

Although it was initially constructed as part of an underwater conservation programme, it has become a popular attraction for diving enthusiasts.

Little sea critters have also set up their homes in the area, creating a beautiful harmony between man and nature.

  1. Sink into the deep: Ride a submarine

Even if you’re not an outdoors person and walking amongst fish isn’t really your cup of tea, surely you can’t refuse the idea of observing them from the absolute safety of a ship.

Better yet, in a submarine.

While riding a submarine used to be a pipe dream for normal folks (unless you’re in the Navy), it’s now possible to enjoy underwater life from within the Odyssey, an air-conditioned submarine that can take as many as 36 people to a depth as great as 150 feet.

The submarine will take you on a 45-minute trip, setting off from Amuk Bay and diving into the colourful world of coral reefs and underwater life.

Now you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it too – enjoying the life of a sporty kid without having to give up on your comfort.

  1. Take a Boat Ride to Watch Over a Hundred Dolphins: Lovina Dolphin watching

No more peering at dolphins through the glass at aquariums; at Lovina, you’ll get the chance to watch this lovely creature roam free in the deep blue sea.

Take an early morning boat ride and get a rush of happiness rush watching dolphins dancing along the waves, and a splendid morning view. Enjoy the glistening of the first sunrays on the glassy blue waters and also try some fish feeding while you’re at it.

Make sure you reach the spot before 6am. and buy your watching ticket at $5. But losing a little sleep over this spectacular encounter with the wild is more than worth it!

  1. Go on a pilgrimage: Climb Mount Agung

While we’re at the topic of mountains, we can’t miss what is probably the most well-known mountain in Bali: Mount Agung.

It’s the 5th tallest volcano in Indonesia, and the tallest mountain in Bali itself. Although it’s an active volcano, its last eruption occurred in 1964.

Tourists often hike up the 3000-metre tall mountain for an unrivalled bird’s eye view of Bali, while the local Balinese consider the trek a pilgrimage, and most do it at least once in their lifetime.

Whether you’re here just for the view or a more holy purpose, this is one hiking trip you definitely have to take in Bali.

  1. Learn about seaweed farming: Nusa Lembongan or Geger Beach (Nusa Dua)

Before kimchi, there was seaweed. Haven’t you wondered about the origins of your favourite Tao Kae Noi seaweed snack?

If you decide to go for a bike ride in Lembongan, be sure to look out for the seaweed farm, where you can observe the rare sight of the local farmers caring for their crops and heaps and heaps of seaweed laid out to dry.

You’ll even get to take a boat ride through the mangroves into the seaweed farm itself! The awesome taste of freshly harvested seaweed certainly can’t be found anywhere else.

Although Nusa Lembongan houses the largest seaweed farm in Bali, if you want to stay on the main island and get a taste seaweed farming as well, you can head on to Nusa Dua’s Geger Beach, a hidden beach paradise in Bali.

The plants are actually harvested to produce cosmetics too!

  1. Get into a mud fight: Mepantigan Balinese Mud Games

Craving for some mud fights?

And no, this isn’t just for kids!

Mepantigan is one of the Balinese cultural games you can play in the rice fields, and get very dirty and muddy.

Other traditional local games you can enjoy include Eel/frog Catching, Mud Horse Riding, Love and kiss duck, Mud Tug of War, Mud Pillow Fight, Kecak Body Painting, Mud Gamelan and dance, and Massage in the mud.

Have we tempted your inner child enough?

  1. Exotic healing: Visit a traditional healer

If you’re suffering from some illness or simply want to refresh your body a little, a trip to the balian’s (a Balinese healer) is definitely in order.

Where else but in Bali can you improve your health through ancient magic?

Most hotels have recommendations for local balians. A consultation with a balian will easily reveal the problems with your health, after which suggestions for purification and balancing will be given to you, such as holy baths and meditations.

Do keep an open mind, though, if you’re planning to go for some traditional healing – some of the practices, such as spitting and body painting, might come across as weird.

Recommendations: If you’re interested in getting the Eat, Pray, Love experience, you can pay a visit to Ketut Liyer, the popular healer from the book, in Ubud. Just make sure you arrive early and have more money to spare, as Ketut Liyer only sees 25 people per day and charges a higher consultation fee than most balians.

Or you can request for your hotel to make an appointment with a Bali for you. There are certain rules that visitors have to abide by, such as not passing money to the balian directly, so it’s probably better to read up a little before making the trip!

Prices usually wavers between US$8 – US$15, unless you need more complicated treatment.

  1. Discover new horizons: Visit an exotic island around Bali

Have you been to Bali so many times that you’ve already done almost everything?

Before you check off Bali on your “to go” list, make sure you explore the exotic islands surrounding it first!

A short distance away from Bali lie the more secluded islands of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida, Gili Meno, Gili Gede and the Menjangan islands.

These islands offer a much more laidback lifestyle than Bali, and offer activities and attractions such as mangrove forests, turtle freeing, snorkelling and others – all without the hassle of fighting with the crowd.

  1. Go street Shopping in Kuta, Bali
  2. Enjoy Water activities in Tanjung Benoa Beach
  3. Enjoy Fly Board in bali
  4. Go Paragliding in Bali
  5. Enjoy White water River Rafting
  6. enjoy luwak coffee in Bali

Luwak coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world and you can find it only in bali.

Charvi Shah

Charvi Shah is the co-founder of Love with Travel Blog. She loves helping people unplug from the chaos, follow their bliss, travel more and create better memories. She inspires many people to travel more! Charvi`s travel focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.

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