5 Epic Adventures Worth Taking In Your Twenties

5 Epic Adventures Worth Taking In Your Twenties


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With that in mind, here are the types of trips to take in your twenties.

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Some of them are domestic, and some are international — but all will help shape you into a better, stronger, and more thoughtful version of yourself.

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1. Pacific Crest Trail, Canada to Mexico


The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a super long and amazingly beautiful trail that runs all the way from Canada to Mexico, through Washington, Oregon, and California. For context, it’s the trail that Reese Witherspoon hiked in Wild, though true wilderness fanatics have been obsessed with this 2,650.1-mile route way before the film.

The PCT runs through 25 national forests and seven national parks. The cool part is that you can go at it as you please: Super hardcore hikers usually aim to do the whole trail, called “thru hiking,” which takes about six to eight months, but you can totally do it for a week or two — or even just a day. More info on that here.

2. Patagonia, Chile and Argentina


Patagonia is a beautifully rugged section of the world, located at the tip of South America, in both Argentina and Chile. The main reason to go there is the outdoor wonder: It’s got stunning natural beauty (see above!), with everything from rivers to deserts to glaciers to a portion of the Andes mountains. Not surprisingly, the hiking is INSANE.

A trip to Patagonia will undoubtedly leave you feeling like a tiny little dot in a great big giant world, as a large part of the land is truly vast and isolated. Prepare to have some very ~heady~ thoughts about your place in the universe when you go!

3. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru


Machu Picchu is one of those places that’s truly about both the journey and the destination. The destination is an ancient Incan village in Peru that dates back to the 15th century; historians believe that it was originally built as a huge estate for an Incan emperor. And the journey to get there is quite epic: Most people end up hiking the Inca Trails, a 26-mile path that ends at the famous ruins and typically takes around four or five days to complete. (There are also less popular trails, like the Lares Trail, if you want to try something different.)

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4. Andrew Molera State Park, Big Sur, California

Big Sur, a beautiful stretch of coastline in central California, is a popular destination for nature lovers all over. It’s home to a ton of vast, nearly otherworldly rugged cliffs that will make you feel like you’re on another planet.

And within this natural beauty lies Andrew Molera State Park, a lesser-known campsite that’s basically on the beach. It has a path that leads you directly to the water, which is only accessible to people staying in the park (or people who have paid for a day pass).That means the beach is not as crowded as some of the other beaches in Big Sur, like Pfeiffer. More info here.

5. Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

The Canadian Rockies are known for their aquamarine waters and crystal-clear skies. When most people think of camping in them, they think of Banff National Park in Alberta — but Banff’s neighbor to the north, Jasper, may be the better option. Not only is the drive from Banff to Jasper one of the most beautiful ones in the world, it’s also harder to get to (and therefore less touristy), and is surrounded by more wilderness. All of this remoteness = a deeper, more soul-satisfying experience.

Jasper also has a nice mix of campsites and places to go backcountry camping, which requires a permit. More info on where and when to camp here. (Generally speaking, it’s best to go between June and September.)

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