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NAME: Jaymine Shah
BIRTHDAY: 18 April, 1990
NOMAD SINCE: 1 May 2014

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Talking About us .We Charvi and Jaymine are together since September 2006 and are now a lovingly married couple. We both love to travel and that is why we have named our blog www.lovewithtravel.com.

Talking more About us ,We are Digital nomads, travel writer, travel lover and an entrepreneur. We love to share our experiences to our readers to make their trip more memorable and to inspire them to travel more and more.

Aim of this Website :

  • Share Best experience, resources and information on destinations, accommodations, establishments, travel products or services.
  • Help every individual or any kind of traveler to plan their trip.

Goals we want to Accomplish :

  • Everyday we wake up with one goal in mind “how can we help our readers travel better for less?” the mission is to produce detailed, long form content that is more comprehensive than any other website out there.
  • To inspire people to travel more
  • To help cancer diseased small children, elder people, poor and needy people by donating some amount of money that we earn from this blog.

NAME: Charvi Shah
BIRTHDAY: 29 August, 1991
NOMAD SINCE: 1 May 2014

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Hey folks, thanks for reading our blog. We are glad you stopped by, we Charvi and Jaymine run this blog and as our site name depicts we are a couple who loves to travel an explore new places with love.

We are a couple who shared 10+ years of relationship and happily married since july 2016. We are passionate about travelling & loves to emplore new & hidden places.

I love to explore new places , I am in love with beaches and lonely places. I want to help all my readers who get confused how to plan their vacation.

Jaymine my life and travel partner, who love adventures, travelling, exploring lesser known places & popularing it after.

We Duo, makes a perfect couple and shares amazing information on travelling so come, surf and explore !

I , am a information technology engineer , a digital nomad who is in online business from more than half a decade. I am expert in seo, scm and smo and till date I have worked with 60+ corporate brandsworldwide, I know it is not a big number but the brand value this corporate brands hold is much higher and are a dream companies to work woth for many experts available in market, apart from this I also love training people and I had also work as a faculty of engineering department where I teach more than 1000 students in a single year. I was always passionate about blogging and writing, it always holds a soft corner in my heart. I am happy that I am making my dream come true through this website.

Jaymine is a MBA in marketing and also a computer engineer so he is both tech expert and a marketing expert. He is into developing of  gaming apps for all platforms. He holds experience of online selling of over half a decade. He is also a marketing consultant, Gadget freak, a techno savvy person, good at branding, promoting, online marketing and market analysis. He loves gaming, travelling, technology, photography and according to my experience he possess a perfect business mind. He always initiate planning and management portion of our travelling and hence we manage to earn value of every money we spend in our travelling.

Thus, my writing skill and Jaymine’s business mind creates this website to help you in every manner as we can.

We plan our own itirenary for places we visit and we never follow a group of people. We finalize our own taste of travel where we include every possible discovery of particular place, we try every adventure activities out there. Many people ask us why to write about travel? We simply answer we want to provide every possible information of travel to people. We want no individual to miss any of the opportunity to explore or to save their money during their travel. We have a mission to see whole world and trust us We will do it. But we are not in a rush to achieve it. We are happy that we have began the journey of our dream life.

During our journey, our primary objective is to explore destination, meet locals out there, know their culture, food, lifestyle and religion. On our blog we provide recommendation on place to visit, book cheaper flights, stay at a wonderful hotels/resort and things to do for a particular location.

We have just began our journey of our dream life, we know there are many hurdles but we know we will cross all the lines one day and when we did it, we will make sure we will never stop travelling.


We want to document our whole journey of life and we want to utilize it to help as many people as we can.

2.Passion for writing:

As I have mentioned earlier I always have passion for writing and I always want to use my writing for a better cause and I find no better cause more than this. My writing in this website will help many to live their life, achieve their dreams and create more memorable memories as much as they can.

3.Inspire people to travel:

Everyone has the yearning inside them to travel, we know most are tired of their life stuck between 9 AM – 5 PM. I mean who wants to miss chance to just sleep into a hammock, undisturbed at sunset with a ice colddrink and a slow swag to the tunes of their favourite songs, Who wants to miss opportunity to tell more enriching stories and have something to laugh about in years to come.

By  this website we want to inspire all people to travel more  and we try to make sure not all can miss opportunity to live their life they always wanted.

4.Help people planning their trip:

We have received and come across various problem of individual and many couples how they face in their previous travel. Whether they are victim of over price payments or victim of missing important places to see at particular destinations and soon.

So through this platform we want to help all people to plan their iterenary proper and get return of every hard money they earned.


We always want to contribute on poverty, pollution and many more. There were many times where we heard of small children fighting against deadly disease like Cancer or the miserable life of old parents who currently resides in oldage home or a girl child not able to pursue education due to financial problem or a conservative mindset. We always want to contribute in all of this problem but were unable due to various problems. But now, through this website we want to perform all activities we always wanted to do at first place.

As you all might be aware that to run such type of travel blog and to provide such information like this there are certain cost associate with it. After eliminating required expense, we will donate all amount to bring smile on as many faces we can.


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