Everything you need to know about Anveya’s recent launch – their Coveted Curls Range

Everything you need to know about Anveya’s recent launch – their Coveted Curls Range

Anveya is a premium beauty that invests time, resources and energy in deep-nature-tech, to promote and develop the most cutting-edge natural ingredients and formulations for all beauty and personal care needs. It has gained huge popularity amongst Indian consumers owing to its commitment to obsessively choose organic and natural ingredients over harmful chemicals. Their formulations consist of cutting-edge ingredients that are backed by clinically proven results and are finalized after in-depth Research & Development. They are also crusaders of making products that are cruelty-free. Anveya has rightfully brought the International standard of product formulations to India.

Anveya features a growing range of 35 products ranging from Hair Care, Skin Care, to Cold-pressed Oils and  Essential Oils. These products promise purity, combined with the wisdom of nature and beat their synthetic counterparts on efficacy and results. The hair care range takes care of consumers deep rooted hair concerns – tackling dryness, damage, frizz, breakage, hair fall, scalp health and hair growth. Recently Anveya has launched one of a kind hair care range – the Curls Range,  created especially for Indian curly hair, which has received rave reviews from the curly hair community of India. They have also come up with a unique Advanced Vitamin C Skin-Range, which comprises facial serum, under-eye and skin-rejuvenation creams that cumulatively deal with signs of ageing skin, uneven skin tone, dark circles, sensitive under-eye skin, prolonged exposure to blue light from more screen time.  Anveya’s fame-worthy range of Pure and Natural Essential Oils and Organic Cold-Pressed Oils consist of the best beauty and wellness oils that come straight from nature.

Everything you need to know about Anveya’s recent launch – their Coveted Curls Range

Anveya Launches New Range For Curly Hair Care!

Anveya announced the launch of a brand new range of “no-nasty” CG-friendly hair care products –  shampoo, conditioner, and hair mist to nourish and hydrate natural Indian curls.

With most hair care brands in India focusing on and advertising products for straight hair as the ideal hair type, wavy/curly-haired consumers often feel neglected and end up believing that straight hair is the best hair to have. This makes them resort to chemical treatments and styling practices to straighten their curls in order to fit in the ideal notion of perfect hair.

What is important is to note that, unlike straight hair, curly/wavy hair requires a completely different hair care regime, products that are specifically made to tackle the unique challenges of protein & moisture balance, porosity, etc. Anveya has invested a lot of time in understanding the specific needs of curly-haired people in India who have always felt a dearth of good hair care products in India and turned towards the western market to fulfil their needs.

Everything you need to know about Anveya’s recent launch – their Coveted Curls Range


All the curly-haired beauties out there, its time to embrace your curls and provide them with the much-needed TLC with this amazing range of specially crafted products for Indian Curly Hair. This incredible combo collectively nourishes curls, imparts prolonged hydration to the curls, makes the curls frizz-free, tangle-free, adds natural shine, and provides perfect structure to the curls. The ingredients range from Wheat & Soy Amino Acids, Ferment oil Hair Complex to Ginkgo Biloba and Pink Himalayan Salt that maintain the health of the curls and invigorate them.

  • Curls Shampoo: Locks the moisture, strengthens the hair, adds natural shine, gives perfect structure to the curls, makes the curls frizz-free and tangle-free.

How to USE: Wet your hair. Take the required amount of shampoo. Apply it to your roots and the lengths of your hair. Massage in a circular motion to avoid tangling of the curls. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes before you rinse off.

  • Curls Conditioner: Promotes deep hydration, adds shine, provides well-defined structure, reduces frizz and makes the hair softer.

How to USE: Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Apply the conditioner liberally and work it through the lengths of the hair. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes before you rinse off

  • Curls Hair Mist: Refreshes the curls, provides thermal protection, promotes prolonged hydration of curls, makes them frizz-free and soft.

How to USE: Spray this leave-in hair mist on wet hair or dry hair. Use the hair mist by taking sections of hair, spray it from the roots and cover the entire hair shaft.

Why Does Curly Hair Need Special Care

Curly hair is known to grow at an angle from the roots. This is often the rationale behind why the natural oils produced by the scalp don’t reach the hair shaft. Thus, the curly hair becomes easily dry, brittle, frizzy and needs moisture which is supplied externally through hair products.  In tandem with the inspirational – Curly Girl Method, one can do away with the shampoos and use only conditioners & gels to care for their curls. But in India, the most prevalent environmental aggressors for hair are pollution, humidity and the amount of dust present around us. Thus, it becomes important to cleanse the curls to rid them of dirt and grime before moving on to the subsequent step of hair care which is using conditioners, leave-in hair mists for well-defined &  healthy curls. Hence, adding shampoo to the hair care regime becomes vital. Sourcing the proper products for nourishing the curls is neither an issue anymore nor expensive. Embrace and transform your natural curls with the uniquely curated curl-loving and  CG friendly – Curls Range for Indian hair. Re-define your personality by flaunting your gorgeous curls!

Our Verdict:

Firstly I am absolutely thrilled to know that such products exist. I am sure many of our followers’ friends are gonna get equally excited knowing about the same. All three products worked amazingly well on my hair. The hair mist especially needs a shoutout, when you are lazing around and don’t want to wash your curls, the mist works wonders and acts as a true saviour. Shampoo and Conditioner definitely helped me carry my hair well with all that bounce and perfectly structured curls. I am so relieved that my curls are no longer frizzy, dry and full of tangles.  Highly recommended to all my lovely curly haired friends and followers to give this range a shot.  You can also use my code “CHARVI15” to get 15% off your purchase. Try ordering it once and do let me know your experience which I am sure is going to be positive! Also, all you curly-haired beautiful souls please drop in comments below and let us all be the saviours of our curls!

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