Arivaan the Revelation Review: Watch how an ex-officer follows his intuitive powers to reveal the truth of a gruesome murder

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic times which the entire globe is facing, watching movies in theatres is now a distant dream. But with ZEE5 it’s all possible within the comfort of your home. Being a movie buffer, We always look for nice movies and web series to keep ourself calm during this maddening Lockdown phase. That’s how we stumbled upon this intriguing web series Arivaan.

Arivaan has a good gripping story plot to offer that one cannot afford to miss out. The web series is divided into total of 42 episodes.

Arivaan the Revelation Review: Watch how an ex-officer follows his intuitive powers to reveal the truth of a gruesome murder

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Arivaan the revelation is a Singaporean Tamil international crime suspense thriller from D. Velmurugan and Kumaran Sundaram which is produced by Mediacorp Eagle’s vision. The story revolves around Hari, a retired police officer, who teams up with his estranged brother, Deva, in order to nab a serial killer. You will witness an action packed thriller drama when the duo unearth a shocking truth on their mission.

Arivaan – The Revelation is a tamil thriller, action web-series starring Udaya Soundari as Akhil, James Kumar as Deva, Jabu Deen Faruk as Hari, Gayathri Segaran as Banumathi and R.Venga as Hari`s father.

Hari is a retired police officer and under medication. Banumathi is a nurse and ex-wife of Hari. Deva is Hari’s old-time friend and is currently investigating a missing girl case. Akhila is a rescued girl suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and she is the last victim of the psycho killer in the past.

Shalini Devi, a 21-year-old girl goes missing. Her parent’s effort to reach her through a live TV program brings horror and shock to everyone. Several years later, the killer is back. Will the police trace him out and rescue the abducted girl? What happened to Hari? Why Hari and Banu broke up? Will Hari and Deva team up to nab the psycho killer? To know all you need to watch this web series.

Our Verdict

The live TV show scene raises the pulse of the viewers. Akhila’s description of her traumatic incident shakes us all. Udaya Sundari has performed well. Intro scenes are nice and correlating. The script and Cinematography are worth a mention. Jabudeen Faruk has nicely portrayed Hari as a suave police officer. Since the story is told in a non-linear style, all the actors have done an incredible job.

Kudos to the entire Arivaan cast and crew for giving the best. You won’t get disappointed by watching this series which is full of suspense, unexpected twists. It’s definitely worth a watch. When you see the end of this Arivaan web series, you will know for sure why it is the No.1 Crime thriller Tamil web series in recent times.

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