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Best 5 Expensive & Luxurious Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is presently thriving as one of the popular and most visited city by the tourists. The high rising buildings, the beautiful attractions and the extravaganzas of the city have made it extremely famous and most preferred holiday destination by a lot of people. The perfect location of the city makes it easy to travel to this place from every corner of the world and is visited by a lot of people throughout the year. You should pay a visit to this exclusive city since most of the airline services provide huge discounts on Emirates coupons. By availing these coupons you can get huge discounts so that you can enjoy exploring the nooks and corners of the city without worrying about the flight costs.

Dubai has everything to explore from marine life to city life and what not. With some of the exclusive hot travel deals, you can plan to explore right from the exquisite malls, theme parks to the attractive skyscrapers and much more Read Expat Dubai Guide for more info. All the popular attractions in Dubai city is structured with precision by keeping in mind the thought of the explorers and the visitors. Listed below are some of the expensive and luxurious places to visit in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

If there is one place which you should never miss out while visiting Dubai is the Burj Khalifa. This is one of the most exotic places in Dubai city and is one of the most popular skyscrapers in the world. Initially the name of this place was Burj Dubai but later on, the name was changed to Burj Khalifa right after the inauguration. If you are making any plans to visit Dubai then, book your flights by using Etihad Airlines promo offers and, do pay a visit to this popular attraction of the city. Burj Khalifa overtops the Dubai skyline, and the popular observation deck located on the 124th floor is the 2nd highest immediately after the Shanghai World Financial center.

The intricate designs and the mesmerizing architecture give an idea about the amount that has been put to make this project. The inside view and the ambiance is stunning and attracts a lot of tourists from around the corners of the world.

Burj Al Arab

Popularly known as the signature building in the city of Dubai, Burj Al Arab is a graceful architectural addition, and is one of the luxurious hotels’ of Dubai, and is located on the Jumeirah Road. One of the most interesting facts about this hotel is that it is designed in the shape of a sail of a dhow, and has some exclusive features of chauffeur driven limousines and a private helipad for the tourists. If you want to experience, and take a glance at the luxury then, you must avail the hot travel deals to enjoy the attractive fountain, 203 premium suites, and an awe-inspiring lobby. You can enjoy the royalty by choosing from among the different premium suites and explore the popular bars and restaurants of the hotel.

The Global Village

Global Village is known as one of the popular and leading cultural attractions as well as a family entertainment destination. It is one of the largest tourism, entertainment and leisure destinations in Dubai city. This place offers exclusive shopping experience through thirty-one pavilions which represents all the countries. Here you can get luxury dining options, shopping, entertainment, thrill rides for children and lots more.

The Dubai Mall

Popularly known as the home of Dubai shopping festival, this is a must-visit place in Dubai and also one of the world’s largest shopping malls. It is one of the luxurious shopping malls which provide you an entry to the whole new world to best in class entertainment and amusement. Starting from the Dubai Aquarium to Underwater Zoo, the mall is the path to the various wonders of the ocean life. Dubai Ice Rink which is also a popular section of the mall has a seating capacity of 350 people. Also, you can find a gaming zone solely for the children and a cinema complex.

Atlantis Palm Hotel

A popular seven-star hotel that has about 1539 rooms of unique luxurious dimensions, the Atlantis Palm Hotel is one of the eye attractive destinations for most of the tourists. Also, this hotel is famous by the name Royal towers, and the stunning fireworks that take place every night are surely going to win your heart. The hotel is an abundance of various luxurious activities which is worth enjoying if you are planning to visit Dubai.

Hence, these are some of the expensive and luxurious places which are a must to visit if you are planning for a trip to Dubai.

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  1. True, Dubai is definitely a wonder land and if anyone says like board on going there then that must be a prank because i just loved my trip over there. It's no way less than a wonderful roller coaster ride for me. The places are more beautiful and they look great in every way. If speaking about shopping, they have one after the other best destinations to pick from.

  2. This is definitely a great resource for the trravellers to check and visit. Except the Atlantis plan hotel, i have tries every other from the list. It's been a great time in Dubai.


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