You Can’t Afford to Miss These Places In Malaysia

You Can’t Afford to Miss These Places In Malaysia

Malaysia has been ranked amongst one of the most visited countries in the world. Think about the perfect destination, and this makes it to the list as it has a lot to offer: scenic beaches, theme parks, diversity, tall skyscrapers, islands, and religious places. Though there are hundreds of places to visit, here’s the set of destinations you must prioritize for the trip.

Petronas Towers

You Can’t Afford to Miss These Places In Malaysia

Malaysia is largely associated with one of the tallest buildings in the world—standing 452 meters tall, the Petronas Towers. Without a doubt, it’s a must-visit place in Malaysia. Before the Burj Khalifa, it was the tallest building in the world.

The building has 88 storeys and is linked at the 41st and 42nd floor by the double-decker Sky Bridge. The bridge offers a brilliant view of the entire city. The timings to visit the towers are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday.

Entry fee: Adult 1335 INR, Child 550 INR, and Senior Citizen 700 INR

Sipadan Island


You Can’t Afford to Miss These Places In Malaysia

Your trip to Malaysia is incomplete if you don’t visit this beautiful Island. It’s located off the east coast of Sabah and can be found at the heat of the Indo-Pacific basin. This is Malaysia’s first and only oceanic island that rises at a height of 600m from the sea bed.

If you’re into scuba-diving, then this is your place.  Make sure when you visit, do indulge in scuba-diving because it’s known as one of the best places for scuba diving in the world. Sipadan is known as one of the top 5 diving destinations in the world. This island is home to over 3000 species of fish and hundreds of coral reefs. You can also do snorkeling and live aboarding.

The ideal time to visit this island is from March to October. Diving permits are available at 700 INR.

Batu Caves Tour

You Can’t Afford to Miss These Places In Malaysia

Located near the Selangor of Malaysia is the Batu Caves. It is said to be of the 10th century and is protected by the Malaysian Nature Society. The beauty of the place is breathtaking A lot of Indians visit this place because it is a religious destination known for Hindu shrines. The shine is of Lord Murugan resides in these caves

The area has many caves that form home to innumerable animals and species. Also, the caves have many monkeys. Beware, they snatch away things from the visitors.

The place is quite accessible as there are many transportations facilities available. You can go by either a bus or train from Kuala Lumpur. Thaipusam is the most famous festival of the Batu Caves.

Penang Hill

You Can’t Afford to Miss These Places In Malaysia

Penang Hill is one of the famous destinations for honeymooners and also a famous hill station in Malaysia. This hill station is an absolute delight for nature lovers as you find lush green plantations, blue peaks all around, and rare species of flora and fauna.

You can visit Penang Hill, all through the day by customised itineraries. However, the sceneries are the best during morning hours. Bukit Bendara, a peak which is at a height of 830m above the sea level offers a magnificent view. And because of this altitude, the climate of Penang Hill is cool throughout the year.

Turtle Century Beach

You Can’t Afford to Miss These Places In Malaysia

Last but not least, Turtle Sanctuary Beach, Perhentian Islands, is the best choice for people looking for privacy. The beach has Crystal-clear waters, lively corals and exquisite marine life, make this beach a traveler’s paradise. June to September is the best to visit this beach.

What makes this beach so different is that there are no buildings or resorts in the vicinity of the beach. All you get to see is the stretch of Turtle Sanctuary Beach and the dense forests around it. You will get to see the sight of baby turtles hatching if you’re lucky because this site is rare.

While you have fun around in Malaysia, make sure you’re safe and well connected with your beloved ones back in India with a Malaysia SIM card. You can capture the scenic beauty of the places and share them with your friends on social media. You can also stay in touch with them over the phone. I hope you have a great trip and do drop comments if you’ve ever visited Malaysia or it’s still on your bucket list.

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