Churails Review: A Story of Every Woman Who Broke the Rules

Churails Review: A Story of Every Woman Who Broke the Rules

What Is the Story About?

Churails is a tale of a bunch of feisty women vigilantes who take it upon themselves to teach abusive men — and through them, a deeply patriarchal society — a lesson they wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

How this bunch of women starts off on the mission is a story by itself. Rich, pretty socialite and ex-lawyer, Sara lives life as the trophy wife of an aspiring-politician husband Jameel, doing all the wife things expected from her – hosting dinner parties, warding off inquisitive media persons and looking comely while doing so. Her veneer cracks when she stumbles upon hints of Jameel’s infidelities.

But instead of taking the stereotypical route, she banishes him to the guest bedroom forever and embarks upon an unlikely adventure – bringing other men to heel, men that are omnipresent in Pakistani society. Joining in enthusiastically is Sara’s long time childhood friend — rich, single wedding planner, Jugnu, who’s drawn to the mission by the monetary prospect of offering the service to rich society women for a high price.

Two other women willing participants to the outfit – both from the lower strata of society – Zubeida, a closet boxer with an abusive father; and murder convict Batool, who wears her murder conviction like a badge of honor. The quartet calls themselves ‘Churails’ — a frequently-applied sobriquet to women who refuse to conform.

A like-minded people join them as Churails. The bunch consists of different women #MainchurailHoon– a pair of carjackers, a multi-tasking transperson, a computer hacker, and sundry others. Aiding the Churails in their mission are three men – Zubeida’s boyfriend Shams, who, in his own words, is the best hacker they can get. Second is Jugnu’s Man Friday in her wedding planning business and last Dilbar and a maverick police officer who has the hots for Batool.

This narrative takes stunning twists and turns in the finale, uncloaking disruptive secrets and a monumental scam in the process.

Churails Review: A Story of Every Woman Who Broke the Rules

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The performance of the entire cast of Churails is much impressive. Sarwat Gilani Mirza is charming and in complete control of her actions. Yasra Rizvi is very delightful to watch. And she’s got the best lines to spout. Nimra Bucha is mesmeric and her eyes shoot daggers with the capacity to kill. Each actor has been cast well and has poured their heart and soul into their parts. It is completely natural acting, at its very best.


Churails is an exquisitely created series, set in Karachi. It is an empowering story, told in an engaging manner. The Churails turn thing designed to suppress their identity into a means of wielding subtle power – burqa. They run a Burqa boutique name as Halal Designs, which is a facade for their undercover operations.

Director Asim Abbasi deploys plenty of fantastic imagery things to add a hint of surrealism to the proceedings. Adding to the storytelling there are superb dialogues in the series — the narrative with gems of dialogues – with director Asim Abbasi taking all of the credit for the impressive writing. To sum it up, All episodes of Churails is a must-watch.

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