Los Angeles: Everything you need to experience in the City of Angels

Los Angeles: Everything you need to experience in the City of Angels


Hollywood, Beverly Hills, movie stars, and endless miles of white beach with ethereal people and skillful surfers are just some of the images that come to mind when listening to “Los Angeles.” So what exactly is a trip to the city of Angels?

Los Angeles, this open-air movie set, invites you to an unforgettable trip to the land of spectacle! Synonymous with legends, rapid growth, film, and the star industry, Los Angeles is the “sacrament” of many different neighborhoods and cultures. From the highly touristy Hollywood to the movie scenery of Beverly Hills and the heart of the Californian soul, which beats on the beach of Santa Monica, to the up-and-coming artistic Downtown, the city has a way of exerting a unique attraction to the visitors.


Here the past, the present, and the future of the city coexist. It is the only part of the city where you can find skyscrapers, which inevitably lead the eyes to the sky. Countless neighborhoods (Chinatown, El Pueblo, Little Tokyo) with lively communities, bustling fashion, and jewelry markets (do not wait for boutiques, but mainly counters), as well as the intense cultural activity (such as the Museum of Contemporary Art-MOCA) and brand new galleries, create one of the most exciting neighborhoods of LA.

It would be best if you visited the unique Santa Monica Beach, about 20 minutes from the center – always depending on the traffic. Not only is it one of the busiest and most photographed beaches (especially the pier with the old fashioned carousel is suitable for walks), it’s not that it brings to mind the scenes of the TV success “Baywatch,” but, most of all, It embodies the soul of what we call California style.

Another famous beach is also Venice. It got its name from the beautiful channels that are created in it; the people there move at a more relaxed pace. However, if you have time, but mainly a car, it is worth taking the legendary coastal route of the Pacific Coast Highway (it is the road that leads to San Francisco) from the beach of Santa Monica to the famous and cosmopolitan Malibu, which has the typical houses on the beach that we have envied many times through the big screen. An ideal solution to enjoy this route is to rent a car so that you can enjoy this unique route. The rental company Enjoy Travel has several cars that you can choose for your travels, in the most economical offers of the market.


Hollywood, the industry of spectacle and illusion. The “Mecca” of the cinema, the film studios and the stars of the big screen, the red carpets, and the brilliant premieres. The trademark is the huge all-white HOLLYWOOD sign, erected at the top of Lee Hill in 1923 (the best way to reach it is by getting to the top of Beachwood Drive). The main tourist attraction can be the highly touristy Hollywood Boulevard, with thousands of tourists and dozens of shops selling souvenirs. If you are a fan of this “industry”, it is worth coming to walk along the Walk of Fame, on the stars with the names of all the celebrities of the world gathered in one place.

After completing this glamorous cinematic journey into the world of glory and renewing your “date” for the evening on the neighboring famous West Sunset Strip, which sets the tone for nightlife, In busy nightclubs, go down Melrose Avenue for walks and shopping that will definitely cost you a lot of money.

Last stop in the famous Beverly Hills, where luxury homes, lush gardens, tall fences, expensive cars, and giant palm trees always remind how sunny most of the year is here. Together with the neighboring Bellair, it gathers most of the stars’ villas. As for fashionistas everywhere, you will not miss a minute of heading to the famous Rodeo Drive. Synonymous with luxury, this paved street, which occupies only three squares, brings together all the big names in haute couture and fashion.

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