How eLearning platforms see growth with TikTok

How eLearning platforms see growth with TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in India. The easy to consume short-video format and the straightforward user interface has grabbed the attention of Indians who are using the platform to showcase their talent through engaging content. The mobile app has found a home in the majority of smartphone users and is popular with users across demographics. But don’t mistake TikTok for simply being a platform to upload funny videos that go viral. Over the last few months, TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform to share educational content among the user base. Popular TikTok creators are creating content focused on educating viewers about a variety of topics. This has led to the platform emerging as a community of users who want to learn in a fun way.


Given the rise in educational content on the platform, TikTok has launched the #EduTok program. This is an initiative that aims to democratize learning by increasing access to education through byte-sized educational videos on the platform. The #EduTok initiative has played an important role in enabling an active exchange of knowledge and skills between the users. The new learning approaches through the #EduTok program has also overhauled the educational framework in India through a variety of tools that contribute to a wholesome learning experience. Since its launch, the #EduTok program has been wildly successful, raking in 52.8 billion views. #EduTok has helped the users to learn on the go without having to spend hours poring over course material. One can say without a doubt that the flexibility provided by the #EduTok program has attracted several users.


E-learning platforms have provided a fillip to the #EduTok Program by joining the TikTok platform. Educational platforms such as Vedantu, Vidya Guru, Hello English, Toppr, CETKing, and Testbook have joined TikTok to promote e-learning on the platform. The focus area of these service providers includes creating content for subjects such as English, Mathematics, Hindi, and general knowledge. Other topics covered consist of videos about current affairs, vocabulary, and post-graduate programs. The e-learning companies have realized that collaborating with TikTok gives them the opportunity to reach out to the audience in the farthest corners in India and boost their brand awareness. Due to its growing popularity in the smaller towns, TikTok has made it extremely easy to target the audience in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Publishing educational content through the #EduTok program is a fun and engaging way of learning. As a result, the e-learning platforms are creating unique content for TikTok users such as teaching complex topics in mathematics through entertaining videos and simple tricks.

E-learning partners are very excited to be a part of the #EduTok Program as it is aligned to the mission of providing education for all in an accessible manner. The collaboration with TikTok has encouraged these platforms to push the boundaries to create content that can train young minds and motivate them to achieve their goals. It has also helped them to enhance pedagogy and ease access to better learning.

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