My Friends Set me up on a Blind Date

I and my friends went to CALIFORNIA for a little break from our busy schedule. Being the only single girl in my girl squad of six friends, i was always the butt of all single girl jokes. And yes, I Tagged along with them and their boyfriend on all their night outs and parties as the third wheel. I Won`t lie, most times i enjoyed myself, being the baby in the group everyone sought to entertain, but sometimes, not having a partner (like on salsa nights or casual get together where couples got cosy with each other) did get to me. My girlfriends were aware of this fact, after all they had to deal with all my whining on such days. But they also understood that i was a very sensitive yet super adventurous girl who would need a very a special man to handle her. Talking about My Friends Set me up on a Blind Date, They finally hatched a plan to set me up on a blind date with some guy. He was one of my five friend`s boyfriend`s flat mate and a sweet, gentlemanly sort of a guy. After a lot of drama and throwing tantrums from, ‘ i don`t want to be set up “ to “i`m single and happy, can`t you see..”, I Finally agreed to go for it.

Talking about My Friends Set me up on a Blind Date, He was to pick me up from our Hotel, where we stayed and was to take me out for dinner. It was Saturday evening and i slipped into my favourite floral skirt with a white top and nude stilettos. To be honest, I was excited and a tad bit nervous too. Not having gone out on a date for quite a while now, i felt i might be out of practice. The clock struck 9pm and i expected him to be on time, because i am pretty punctual.

Finally, he reached at 9:30 pm and yes, i had hyperventilated by then. Irritatedly, i walked down the stairs and hopped into his car. He apologized for being late and then greeted me with saying, “ i must say you look beautiful.” That compliment sort of made up for him being late. I Quickly cleared him out too, from his stubble, his hairstyle, his clothes and his perfume. He doesn`t seem too bad looking, I said to myself.  Then he asked me what i did for a living and if i liked asian food. I was mildly impressed that he had taken the time and effort to book a place, especially for a blind date. As we were talking, suddenly the car jerked very hard and halted. I freaked out and almost shrieked.

He held my hand and asked me if i was all right, giving me a comforting nudge. He got out of the car to find out that one of the tyres had burst, He told me not to worry but i was scared to death. Struck on a dark, lonely road with a stranger and a flat tyre seemed nothing short of a scene from a horror movie, except that it wasn`t a movie.

For  miles, I couldn`t see another car, let alone another human being. All kinds of scary thought raced through my mind. “ What if this was a planned move ?”, “What if this guy is actually a psychopath” and so on. At this point, I regretted bunking my karate lessons in school. I put my thoughts to rest and finally offered to help.

He was removing the burst tyre kneeling on the street.  I was shivering in the winter chill as i asked him how i could help. He stood up, looked into my eyes and told me that i had nothing to worry about and that he would keep me safe. Until then, i could help by simply sitting in the warmth of the car and entertaining  him by talking to him. While i felt relieved with his consolation and jumped back in , I Was slightly taken aback by the fact that my fearful eyes had given me away.

All this lasted for nearly forty odd minutes. And surprisingly, we had enough to talk about as he fixed the tyre. What started as a discussion about our friends, favourite restaurants and interests ended up with us sharing our deep dark fears, childhood memories and ambitions. All dressed up. Stranded on the street, in these strange circumstances.. I was having a great time talking to a stranger. It was almost 11 and we were good to go. He hooped into the car and started driving. The restaurant would`ve closed by the time we would reach, so he took a detour to his own place (after confirming that i`d be comfortable coming over). We reached his apartment, but all his roommates were out. We made maggi and chilled some wine to go with it. Sitting on the comfy couch, We ate, drank and talked about life.

Talking about My Friends Set me up on a Blind Date, Finally, i realized it was late and i must head to hotel . Right outside my hotel , he said “ please let me make it up to you out again:” to which i said yes and planted a soft kiss on his lips and shyly raced upstairs. so Talking about My Friends Set me up on a Blind Date, What started off as a disastrous date turned into something so wonderful !

Charvi Shah

Charvi Shah is the co-founder of Love with Travel Blog. She loves helping people unplug from the chaos, follow their bliss, travel more and create better memories. She inspires many people to travel more! Charvi`s travel focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.

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