Out Of This World Things To Do In Bali

Out Of This World Things To Do In Bali

Out Of This World Things To Do In Bali

There is much more Out Of This World Things To Do In Bali than magnificent beaches, clear waters and amazing sunsets. Those are the things the island is well known for, but the are so many other things to do that one visit is often not enough to see and do them all.

Start off by finding the right accommodation as a base. You could rent one of the numerous private villas in Legian for ultimate privacy and luxury, stay in a hotel in Denpasar or maybe stay on one of the local farms that offer rooms to visitors for a more authentic local experience. Talking about Out Of This World Things To Do In Bali, None of them are overly expensive, although with the hotels you will have to pay 21% tax on top.

Ride Camels On The Coastline

Talking about Out Of This World Things To Do In Bali, Not everyone realizes that you do not have to go to a desert to find camels. In Bali, you can ride these wonderful animals, that are such a part of the Asian experience, along the beaches. They are able to stand high temperatures better than most other animals, and having you on their backs does not phase them at all. If you have ever been horse riding on a beach you will know how good that is, but camel riding along the coastline is even better.

Visit Traditional Markets

Out Of This World Things To Do In Bali

Finding traditional clothes and accessories made in Bali is not a problem, there are many cottage industries involved in making them. You can get the best deals at the traditional local markets though, but you must be prepared to barter. Nothing is priced and as soon as the sellers realize you are a visitor, they will try to charge you much more. However, they want the sale, and it does not take long to get the price for things like shirts down to $2.

These markets have a wonderful atmosphere, and stretch out into the side streets. Don’t just stay on the main run, as some of the best bargains will be in the smaller alleys and bays.

Learn To Ride The Waves

Bali is a surfer’s paradise and the perfect place to learn how to ride the waves. Generally, with the right instructors, you will be surfing within an hour and only then will you realize how easy it actually is. Patience and understanding are why the instructors are so successful, something that is needed with anyone that might be a bit nervous to start with. Kuta beach is the best place to learn this thing but there are many problems with Kuta Lombok read well before you plan your trip.

Walk On The Seabed

You do not need to be an experienced diver or snorkeler to enjoy this experience. Weights are tied to your ankles and you have the necessary breathing equipment to literally mingle with the marine life by taking a walk on the seabed.

Visit Skygarden

Out Of This World Things To Do In Bali

Skygarden is a mega nightclub with 8 clubs and pubs inside, If you want to dance the night away, or enjoy a relaxing few drinks on an amazing roof terrace, this is the place for you.

Dine In The Paddy Fields

Many of the paddy fields have a café or restaurant, and eating in these is more relaxing than anywhere else. You will be served delicious food while you sit back and watch the sunset, with other visitors. Everyone always seems to be smiling and happy in these eateries, visitors and servers alike.

Much, Much More

So these are the Out Of This World Things To Do In Bali, These are just a small sample of the amazing things you can do in Bali, there is much, much more. You can play with the monkeys at Ubud Monkey Forest, explore the underground labyrinth at Goa Gala-Gala, or soak yourself in holy water at Tirta Empul.

The list is endless and put this together with some of the friendliest people in the world, and your visit to Bali truly will be an experience not to be forgotten.

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