How to Prepare for a Long Trip

How to Prepare for a Long Trip

Many of us dream of embarking on an adventure around the world; whether it’s a year-long gap year or an extended journey through a few countries, the advantages of a long trip are endless.

Yet, planning for a long trip isn’t always easy and requires a little thought before you set off on the journey of a lifetime. To help your long trip run as smoothly as possible, we have laid out the most important things you need to think about before you set out.

Understand visa and Covid-19 restrictions for your destinations

Depending on where you have set your sights for your long trip, you’ll most likely need to research the visa requirements of each country. While some countries will allow you to organize your visa on arrival or won’t ask you to have a visitor’s visa at all, others will be more demanding, requiring you to make an online application before you reach the border.

Understanding the rules and regulations for visas beforehand can save you a lot of time (and money!) when traveling on the road. Most government websites will have the most up-to-date information, so it’s worth checking out your country’s official advice.

The recent pandemic has also turned the travel world on its head. Covid restrictions are still in place in many nations; some are partly closed to travelers, while others are open with restrictions. To keep up to date with current covid restrictions on travel, be sure to check Borderless, which will keep you in the know when it comes to the world Covid restrictions.

With the correct visa, up-to-date vaccinations, and knowledge of Covid regulations, you will be free to travel without any administrative setbacks.

How to Prepare for a Long Trip

Cover your trip with travel insurance

The unpredictability of a long trip is something that can’t be underestimated, and with so much time on the road, you can never be sure what is around the corner.

With a world of adventure and excitement out there, you will want to be protected if anything should go wrong. The best way to ensure you are covered for every eventuality is by securing travel insurance before you leave your home country.

The world of travel insurance is changing; with many choosing a life of travel as a digital nomad, companies have begun to offer specialized travel insurance for the long-term traveler. SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance is a well-designed policy for those who want to be covered as they make their way across the globe, offering policies on a rolling monthly basis and allowing travelers to take out policies when they’re outside of their home country.

Create a stable home base to return to

Leaving the comfort of your home behind and heading into the unknown can be daunting, so making sure life back home is all in order before you pack your bags is essential to keep nerves at bay. Whether this is canceling any subscriptions, paying any bills, or securing your belongings in long-term storage, all of these things can bring peace of mind while you’re living your best life on the road.

Although it may not be possible for everyone, renting out your home while you’re away can help keep your property safe and all of its mechanics running as they should. It’s also a fantastic way to help fund your trip with a little extra income from the monthly rent. Alternatively, you can arrange with close friends or family to keep a watch over your home – this way, you know you always have a place to come back to when your long trip is over.

How to Prepare for a Long Trip

Find your home away from home

Before you set off, it’s always worth doing a little research into the types of accommodation that are available in your destination country. With your country and destination in mind, you can research the cost of staying in a hotel, hostel, or homestay and what amenities you will get with each.

All of this will give you a better understanding of local accommodation before you land. Many travelers find it useful to book the first few nights in a well-reviewed hotel and use the first few days to scope out the area and find longer-term accommodation on the ground.

As a remote worker, working while you travel, it’s often beneficial to your mental health and productivity to have a different work environment other than where you sleep. Co-working spaces are fantastic for this and can be found in numerous major cities across the globe. Co-working spaces provide an ideal setting to conduct your daily tasks and can also be great places to find like-minded working travelers.

How to Prepare for a Long Trip

Prioritize the things that matter to you

Just because you are choosing a life on the road, traveling while you work, doesn’t mean you should neglect your hobbies and out-of-work leisure activities. On the contrary, continuing with these activities will increase your overall value of life while keeping you happy and productive.

For example, if you enjoy playing sports, you can research different clubs and events in the countries you want to travel to. These are great ways of keeping your mood up and making new friends along the way.

Many modern hostels and hotels also have on-site gyms; signing up and using these gyms are productive ways of keeping you healthy and positive throughout your trip. Similarly, sampling different cuisines and foods is a major part of traveling, so visiting your new favorite restaurant or cafe can be a great thing to include in your routine. Researching all of these things before you set out will leave you in good stead when you begin your long trip.

Pack only your essentials

Packing well is one of the more practical things you need to consider when planning a trip. For a long trip, where you may be on the road for months at a time, it’s important to pack minimal luggage. This way, you can stay more mobile and nomadic, making your journey all the easier. Traditionally, travelers have chosen to travel with a backpack, hence the name backpacking, carrying all your possession on your back.

There are a number of ways you can pack light and effectively. The first is to bring only a few clothes and essential items, carefully choosing those things that you will definitely need for your chosen destination, weather, or season.

How to Prepare for a Long Trip

Another is using packing cubes, which will allow you to separate your luggage into different sections and pack far more economically. It is also important to remember not to pack things that you can easily get your hands on while you travel – all of this will go a long way to keeping your luggage minimal.

Start your journey!

Prepare and plan the best you can, but don’t be afraid to start traveling! Even if you’re heading out alone, the global nomad community is welcoming and ready to help you settle into your destination. Don’t hesitate to join online groups and reach out to people in your area. You never know how these newfound connections can change your life.

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