Watch REJCTX, if you are a fan of college dramas on ZEE5

Watch REJCTX, if you are a fan of college dramas on ZEE5

The web series REJCTX set in a school is here. REJCTX talks about the lives of seven Indian students. REJCTX stars Sehmat Ali, Anushka Rai, Saadhika Syal, Yanina, Kubbra Sait, and Sumeet Vyas, among others. REJCTX is the story of a group of school students who are trying to find their voice. Seven friends form a band called REJCTX with Aarav and Kiara as the two main singers. They remain anonymous by appearing wearing masks.


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REJCTX introduces its key players— Aarav Sharma (Ahmed Masi Wali), the rich kid having an influential father and an ailing mother; Kiara Tiwary (Anisha Victor), the computer genius coding apps and Virtual Reality games expert. Sehmat Ali (Saadhika Syal), the fencing champion struggling with gender identity; Maddy (Ayush Khurrana), the basketball champ; Parnomitra Ray (Ridhi Khakhar), the Regina George of the school; Misha (Pooja Shetty), the hair-brained selfie-taker made fun of by her peers for her English accent; Harry (Prabhneet Singh), the wisecracking troublemaker; and Steve, the primary antagonist, and Parnomitra’s boyfriend.

What’s wow:

REJCTX does a nice job of bringing the politics and drama that the youngsters usually face in their school life. The performances are at par and Some of the screenplays, like the use of augmented reality, are very good. The REJCTX series is well made and gives a good glimpse of the life and times in a school – something that might not be accessible to everyone.

The REJCTX series mainly focuses on many social problems such as porn addiction, fluidity, drugs, and infidelity. This series got well accepted by the audience as the new generation generally keeps an open mind about these issues and loves to watch young collection. #StayHomeToZEE5

Watch REJCTX, if you are a fan of college dramas on ZEE5

Source: An OTT Platform

Team behind REJCTX

‘REJCTX’ is handled by Director Goldie Behl, it is his first web series. ‘REJCTX’ is filmed in Bangkok, Pattaya and it has been broadcasted on the online streaming platform ZEE5. The series ‘REJCTX’ has grabbed the attention of many viewers and critic as it made them curious.

Cast & Crew :

Cast: Ahmed Masi Wali, Anisha Victor, Ayush Khurana, Prabhneet Singh, Ridhi Khakhar, Saadhika Syal and Pooja Shetty, Kubbra Sait, Sumeet Vyas.

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