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Before posting any thing on social media Remember you are on vacation. It’s important to disconnect and share on social at a later time!

Don`t : state that you are so honored to travel. Try not to be that person. You’re not a butt hole.

What’s more, unless you won your trek in some sort of rivalry, don’t disparage the diligent work and arranging you put into making your outing astonishing.


Don`t  post average photographs.


Nobody like to see you average photographs so don’t post such photos as nobody will like it


Do… pick quality over amount


The ascent of web-based social networking has everything except prompted to the demise of the post-trip question between companions. It’s tragic, yet let’s be honest – when you (practically) register with each godforsaken airplane terminal, chain lodging and eatery you to such an extent as easily get through, tweeting everything you might do and Snapchatting consistently, time you get back everybody is genuinely over it. We would prefer not to find out about that wild night in Ibiza again – we were for all intents and purposes there with you the first run through.


Don`t… control reality


Recall that: you’re on vacation, not shooting a travel pamphlet. What’s more, no one’s tricked by Instagram channels nowadays. In our flawlessness looking for society the enticement to upgrade your pictures is serious; a change or two is excusable, however when you wind up enhancing with Photoshop off your extra layers and obscuring out mists it’s a great opportunity to take a long, hard take a gander at your needs in life.


Do… oppose the allurement to humblebrag


A fix of sun-faded sand on a tropical shoreline, into which are scratched the words ‘how’s your Monday looking?’; a snap of your lunchtime mixed drink close by a trashy novel and a couple of originator shades, subtitled, ‘It’s a hard life, however somebody’s gotta do it’; a screenshot of the climate estimate where you are, barbarously appeared differently in relation to the tempest notices of home. The last spot of the blade: #sorrynotsorry.


Don’t… think web-based social networking movement include as staying touch


Broadcasting your breakfast to the world can appear like the perfect approach to meet up while voyaging; everybody can see that you’re still alive and having fun – with a biscuit the extent of your face. Be that as it may, this one-to-numerous mindset simply doesn’t cut it, especially on long haul trips.


Do… settle on creativity


Before you cast another indiscreet titbit into the online pit, in any event make it inventive. Figure out how to cut through the background noise: bizarre point of view on a place beats the inclining tower of Pisa trap pass on, and hair-raising perspectives trump frank legs quickly. Have a fabulous time and don’t feel influenced to take off on a mountain or disclose the points of interest of a very normal feast in light of the fact that other people is doing it.


Don`t… surrender to hashtag fever


Ok, hashtags. Intended to total worldwide discussions, basically following the zeitgeist, they soon declined into a method for including shameless asides and unexpected jests to our tweets… #guiltyascharged. Nowadays, anything goes, however adding 50 hashtags to your nightfall shot wouldn’t make it emerge from the other 93 million on Instagram, so why trouble?


Do… ace your medium


The best online networking posts move or engage their target group. So whether you’re sharing six-second clasps on Vine, curating your travel snaps on Facebook or liveblogging your stumble on Twitter, the objective ought to be the same: endeavor to improve it than the guff that most of the populace are heaving into the internet.


Don`t… experience your goes through a screen


Going after our cell phone the moment we experience something tremendous has turned out to be second nature for now’s educated era however it can abandon us feeling disengaged from our encounters.


Watching whales break through a viewpoint decreases the enchantment existing apart from everything else, while the worry of catching the ideal shot to impart to your companions annihilates all pleasure. At the point when web-based social networking responsibilities begin to feel like errands, it’s a great opportunity to turn off and live in the present.


Do… transfer your “goodness” minutes


Here and there it’s difficult to keep schtum via web-based networking media – and that is OK. Compensated with an epic scene after an extreme climb? Proceed. Found the world’s best gelato? Give your companions access on the mystery. We would prefer not to go all Zuckerberg on you, yet this is the thing that sharing your voyages is about: praising the world, recounting stories and beginning discussions.

Charvi Shah

Charvi Shah is the co-founder of Love with Travel Blog. She loves helping people unplug from the chaos, follow their bliss, travel more and create better memories. She inspires many people to travel more! Charvi`s travel focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.

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