Top 10 Scams in Thailand. Beware of it in your next visit to Thailand

Top 10 Scams in Thailand. Beware of it in your next visit to Thailand

Top 10 Scams in Thailand

Thailand is No doubt voted as the top destination in the world, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. Along with a Amazing history and a unique culture that includes delectable Thai food and massage, Thailand features a modern capital city and friendly local who epitomize Thailand’s “land of smiles” reputation. But behind the land of smiles, there are many scams going on right now. Check out the Top 10 scams in Thailand before you get ready with Backpacking Thailand and Beware of it during your visit.

#1 The Grand Palace is Closed Scam


This scam can happen near any tourist attractions, where tourists are told that the attractions that they are visiting are closed for several reasons. You should ignore them and head directly to the attraction to see for yourself or you might end up either in a gem store or a tailor shop they recommend.

#2 The Thai Gem Scam


Talking about Top 10 Scams in Thailand, This is the infamous scam, where you would be told that you can sell the gems at a very high price and make a profit in your country, or they might scare you are try to lead you into buying the gems for health reasons and you will end up losing your hard earned money.

#3 The Wrong Change Scam


A common scam at provision shops or minimarts in tourist areas is to give your change as if you have given them a 500 baht note instead of a 1000 baht note. Many tourists are not familiar with the Thai baht currency and do not notice that their change is incorrect. Always check your change when you received it and the money that you give to the cashier.

#4 The Jet Ski Scam


Talking about Top 10 Scams in Thailand, Frequently found in Pattaya and Phuket, many found themselves being asked to pay an exuberant amount of money for dents in the jet ski after they return their rented jet ski. Unknown to tourists is that many before them have paid for the scratches and dents. Make sure that you document all dents or scratches for motorcycles, cars and jet ski. Never submit your passport or you will not get it back until you will pay the demanded money for dents of jet ski

#5 The PatPong Sex Show Scam


Don’t believe the touts outside who say free sex shows and drink for only 100 baht each or for free. You would end up paying thousands, stay clear if you are alone as they can turn violent if you refuse to pay. Try to get your hotel or resort to recommend if you want to watch a PatPong sex show.

#6 The Hualamphong Scam


You might be approached by an official looking person, who would say that they will help you to book your train tickets. The official looking person would take you to their nearby travel agent and pretend to ring the train booking office, and they would tell you that the train is full and the only way to get there would be by bus and thus you will end paying much for bus transport.

#7 The Long Distance Bus Scam


Talking about Top 10 Scams in Thailand, On long distance bus, many would place their bags at the bottom area of the bus, and or at the back of the bus. Many people have had things stolen from their bags on overnight bus trips, and some have reported they were drugged and found their money missing when they woke up. It is best to place your valuables with you instead of in your luggage in the compartment.

#8 The Airport Taxi Scam


Official looking touts would pretend that they are meter taxis and tell you that it is 500-1000 baht to go into town from airport. The meter taxi outside is less than half of this, while the police have tried to crack down on them but they are back. Simply ignore anyone who asks if you want a taxi or tuk-tuk, Unless try getting a grab car. If you want to go to Pattaya from Bangkok then know which is the quickest way to reach Pattaya from Bangkok

#9 The Blackjack Scam


This usually starts when someone asks you where you are from, they would mention that they have relatives that have intention to study or working in your location. He would ask if you can go and meet them as they have few questions about your country. At their house, you would end up playing blackjack with them. In the end, you would be the one scammed out of your money instead.

#10 The Pregnant Scam


A popular scam these days is your long distance girlfriend writing to you to say she is pregnant with your baby. She would either ask you to help to pay for the abortion or for money to raise the baby. What she doesn’t tell you is that she has already written to other foreigners telling them the same plight. The largest gimmick is that there is some medicine in Isaan that swells their belly to make them look like they are pregnant if you decide to fly in to visit them. The best way is to get an ultrasound to know if they are really pregnant.

So this are the Top 10 Scams in Thailand, Be careful when travelling in Thailand, and do not give any chances to the various scams.

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