Here Is Why Bali Should Be On Your Wishlist For 2021

Here Is Why Bali Should Be On Your Wishlist For 2021

We know 2020 has been quite a ride, and we bet you cannot wait to pack your bags and explore the world. So, if you do not know where to set foot once the pandemic ends, we know the perfect place. It is definitely Bali!  

But what makes Bali so special? Is it a gamble to go there or will it guarantee you the best time of your life? Read on to find out!

Revitalise Your Mind

Here Is Why Bali Should Be On Your Wishlist For 2021

Being confined to the walls of your home may be comfortable, but not when it is for prolonged periods. What better way to hit the refresh button than to get on a trip to Bali?

Bali is also unofficially known as the Island of Gods because of its rich heritage and culture. There are multitudinous temples all over the island that offer tranquillity to the mind, unlike anything else. The greenery all around adds to the tranquil and elevates your mood.

Even the houses in Bali look like temples! How cool is that?

Release Stress From In The Exquisite Spas 

Here Is Why Bali Should Be On Your Wishlist For 2021

Bali is one of the best places for relaxation in all of Asia, thanks to the amazing people, enchanting nature and relaxing spas.

Working from home day and night could have you all tensed up. Combine that with hectic travel and jet lag, you certainly deserve to treat your body with some love from some of the luxury spas in Bali.

This is a rare opportunity as the spas here are unlike any you would have ever seen. They range from the regular close door spas to those overlooking exquisite landscapes.

You can choose to get a relaxing massage laying on a bed overlooking the endless blue ocean or even on a riverside surrounded by tropical plants, beautiful ferns and stones covered in lush green moss.

There are even separate spas that exclusively employ ancient ayurvedic practices and are dedicated to giving an all-round healing experience for your body, mind and soul!

The Perfect Retreat For Couples 

Here Is Why Bali Should Be On Your Wishlist For 2021

With lush green tropical forests, rich wildlife, beautiful hills, pristine beaches, delicious food and amazing locals, Bali makes for the perfect retreat for honeymooners all over the world!

All tourists are treated with great respect and welcomed with open arms in this gem of an island, making it the ideal place to visit with the person you call your soulmate!


That was just a primer to what Bali has to offer you. To top it all off, Bali is an extremely affordable tourist spot. From local food to beautiful luxury spas, the rates are set to make every tourist comfortable.

To save both money and hassle, check out the Indonesia and Bali tour packages. Leave all the hardwork to SOTC while you make the most out of your holiday!


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